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ArasBeam is the website dediacted to Be stars amateur observers. Its goal is to organize the spectroscopic observations of Be stars by amateurs from all over the world.

Be stars evolve permanently, and the cause of their evolution is not fully understood. To better understand those evolutions, a regular tracking of as much stars as possible is required : a job accessible to amateur astronomers, and useful for science !

This site, as well as Be Observations Program is developed in collaboration with LESIA team (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon), and is based on data recorded in BeSS database.

You can use this website to study and analyse data already recorded, but you can do still better : join the observers team to multiply our measuements !

If you have questions, if you need questions about instruments, software, targets, and so on, join the distribution list Spectro-l


The most recent articles

The most recent articles

Halpha radial velocity observations of γ Cas

Sunday 6 February 2011 par Ernst Pollmann
Hαlpha radial velocity observations of γ Cas (by Roland Bücke and Ernst Pollmann) Since the investigations by Harmanec et al. [1] in 2000 and Miroshnichenko et al. [2] in 2002, the radial velocity behaviour of the Hαlpha-emission and its period of 203 days has been known. In September 2006 the (...)

Hα-Spectroscopy and V-Variations of Be star 28 Tauri (Pleione)

Wednesday 22 December 2010 par Ernst Pollmann
Building on the successful BAV review article by Hassforther (2008) on the same subject, with this contribution I would like to show the correlation between V brightness and Hα emission, as part of the collaboration between the variable star observer Sebastian Otero (Argentina) and me. The (...)

ARAS website

Friday 20 August 2010 par desnova

Astronomical Ring for Access to Spectroscopy

Periodic behavior of the HeI6678 emission in δ Sco

Friday 8 January 2010 par Ernst Pollmann
The spectral range 6500-6700 Å includes both Halpha and the HeI line at 6678 Å, and this report covers our observations made of those two lines. This permits a study of the correlation between their equivalent widths (EWs) and line profiles. A signal-to- noise ratio (as a rule > 400) is (...)

gamma Cas

V-Brightness and Halpha Spectroscopy of the Be-star gamma Cas
Saturday 21 November 2009 par Ernst Pollmann
V-Brightness and Hα-Spectroscopy of the Be-Star γ Cas In addition to the meanwhile probably well known cooperation between AAVSO and „ASPA-“Active Spectroscopy in Astronomy“ concerning the LBV-Star P Cygni, a further similar cooperation between ASPA and the Hungarian variable star observer Ferenc (...)

CHARA/VEGA observations at Mt Wilson

Some complementary Halpha spectra requested !
Saturday 21 November 2009 par Philippe Stee
Dear Friends, we are currently observing Gamma Cas and 48 And and AB Aur (an Herbig Ae star), HD 43445 (Theta Ori) from November 17 to 22, 2009 with the CHARA interferometer ( ) and the VEGA instrument ( We are working on (...)

ProAm 2009 - Meeting at La Rochelle

Tuesday 3 November 2009 par Francois Cochard

Last week (26-29 Oct 2009), we had a great meeting at la Rochelle (France), organized by the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), about all collaborations between professional and amateur astronomers

V378 And

Sunday 11 October 2009 par desnova

Evolution of the H-alpha line

New features on ArasBeam !

Sunday 4 October 2009 par Francois Cochard
ArasBeam restarts with some new features : You can select only Ha spectra (or any wavelegnth) in all pages. We can then better focus on Ha observations : the color coding of the stars to be observed is now dedicated to Ha spectra. Of course, you can observe the stars at the wavelength you (...)

Delta Sco observation (from E. Pollmann)

Wednesday 30 September 2009 par Francois Cochard
*** Message sent on behalf of Ernst Pollmann *** The delta Sco observation period for this year is nearly at the end (at least in West Europe). It seems, the time behavior of the Halpha-EW has reached a minimum at JD 2454650 and that there could be a trend reversal to a increasing EW (see (...)

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