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ArasBeam is the website dediacted to Be stars amateur observers. Its goal is to organize the spectroscopic observations of Be stars by amateurs from all over the world.

Be stars evolve permanently, and the cause of their evolution is not fully understood. To better understand those evolutions, a regular tracking of as much stars as possible is required : a job accessible to amateur astronomers, and useful for science !

This site, as well as Be Observations Program is developed in collaboration with LESIA team (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon), and is based on data recorded in BeSS database.

You can use this website to study and analyse data already recorded, but you can do still better : join the observers team to multiply our measuements !

If you have questions, if you need questions about instruments, software, targets, and so on, join the distribution list Spectro-l


The most recent articles

The most recent articles

QR Vul : Outburst is finished...

Thursday 27 August 2009 par Francois Cochard
In August 2008, Valérie Desnoux observed that QR Vul was in emission... this was the first ArasBeam outrburst ! After several month with constant observations (29 spectra during emission phase !), QR Vul is now back to silence... Then, I’ve changed the observation period to 90 days - until the (...)

HD22780 Outburst

Monday 24 August 2009 par Francois Cochard
Valerie Desnoux announces that HD22780 is in outburst (august 2009). The Ha profile has dramatically changed from Joan Guarro’s last observation (Nov 2008). Any observer available to confirm ?

Observe the current Corot Be targets HD51193 & HD51452

Saturday 29 November 2008 par Francois Cochard

In the current Corot run (started early November and up to March 2009), there are two Be stars acessible to our instruments : HD51193 and HD51452. This is important to get simultaneously spectra form these two stars, to compare photometry and spectrometry evolutions. Please observe these star in priority, and inform immediately the community if you detect any evolution in the spectra !

I just modified the expected observation period for these two stars : it is now changed to 10 days (365 before).

Go to your telescopes ! (:>)


Friday 3 October 2008 par Francois Cochard

BeSS is the Master database which contains original data for ArasBeam

Spectra of a Be star

Friday 3 October 2008 par Francois Cochard

Updated expected period for several stars

Friday 29 August 2008 par Francois Cochard
Olivier Thizy prepared a list of known stars, for which the expected observation period should be shortened (based on Anatoly Miroshnichenko’s presentation in Heidelberg, may 2008). I’ve included these modification in ArasBeAm. Here is his message : delta Sco [7 days]: continuous monitoring is (...)

Be list

Tuesday 26 August 2008 par Francois Cochard

List of known Be stars

QR Vul

Sunday 24 August 2008 par desnova

Alerte - Be outburst

Last spectra in BeSS

Thursday 31 July 2008 par desnova

Last spectra validated in BeSS

Lambda Cyg

Sunday 6 July 2008 par desnova

Evolution in H-alpha

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