Bet Mon A: historical evolution

Saturday 12 March 2011 by Jean-Noël Terry

Bet Mon A, HD45725, HR2356


A complex system: a triple system in which the three components are Be stars of about the same spectral type!

Seen in emission since 1925, but V/R variable.

V/R variation with a period of about 12.5 years has been suggested, but we need more steady observations.

What we know:

You van see Anne Cowley et al. (A&A, 22 203-208 (1973))

1905-1911: V/R is near 1

1925: Medium emission (Merrill 1925)

1938-1941: Shell absorption faded

1942-1945: Shell absorption recovered

1955: Ha in very strong emission, Hb too

1960-1964: Hydrogen shell components become very strong

1969-1975: Emission lines as well as the shell component decrease

1982-1989: Shell and strong emission star (Andrillat 1982, Maranon-1994, Hanuschik-1985, Dachs-1992, Slettebak 1993)

1998: emission (Banerjee 2000)

2007 (march): emission and continues in 2011.

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