New features on ArasBeam !

Sunday 4 October 2009 by Francois Cochard

ArasBeam restarts with some new features :

- You can select only Ha spectra (or any wavelegnth) in all pages. We can then better focus on Ha observations : the color coding of the stars to be observed is now dedicated to Ha spectra. Of course, you can observe the stars at the wavelength you want, but only Ha observations will pass the color to green.

- We can now activate the multi-author article writing : Main observers (if they are volonteers :>) will have an access to write their own article. This will be key to make ArasBeam much more active ! Do not hesitate to come to us (Valerie and I) if you’re interesetd.

- Your selection criteria (magnitude max, wavelength...) is kept in memory when you browse within the website,

- The page that allow to select spectra of a specific star is now translated in english,

- I’ve put a direct access button to the Be Atlas on welcome page (you cannot miss it :>).

- This is not visible, but I’ve setup a stronger process for a regular backup.

Do not hesitate to give your comments. But the most important is that you observe Be stars - Ha in priority - to complete the BeSS coverage ! By the way... there is 7636 amateur spectra in BeSS - including 2120 in Ha ! This is a wonderful achievement - that confirm Amateur’s Power when we join our efforts !



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